Neymar is Headed to Manchester United

Neymar Is Headed to Manchester United: Rumor

Neymar Is Headed to Manchester United: Rumor

The latest trade bombshell dealing with the Brazilian football superstar is that Neymar is headed to Manchester United, only a year after having joined Paris Saint-Germain from FC Barcelona. The rumors circulating all over the world point out that the trade would involve a payment of at least  £345 million.


Neymar is Headed to Manchester United: rumor
Neymar is Headed to Manchester United?

The rumors about possible trades, whether to Real Madrid, Manchester United or other top clubs, even a return to FC Barcelona, have been spreading like wildfire for several months. This was particularly true after reports of disenchantment with his club, PSG, the city of Paris, his coach, or some teammates, such as Edison Cavani, fueled speculations that Neymar was seriously regretting having left Barcelona.

One other major reason also offered to explain Neymar’s supposed desire to leave Paris: the continued residence of his son in Barcelona.

And still the most popular reason articulated in football circles is that Neymar Jr. has always had a desire to join Real Madrid but could not make the move directly from Barcelona. Thus, it was necessary to first make a temporary detour via Paris.

The transfer to Manchester United has been denied in England, even by present coach, Jose Mourinho, who has stated that the rumor is impossible and absurd. Then again, isn’t the club in need of some major changes in order to make it competitive with Manchester City and other clubs?